The Month in Photos: September.

The Month in Photos: September.

This month was one of those that’s at times representative of what it means to be a staff photographer.¬†One week you’re shooting assignments like marathons and high intensity sports while the next is¬†dominated by court appearances, press conferences (and a golf game). Nonetheless, September was a really good month. Iv’e started pitching and pursuing my own stories for the first time, and have gotten back into shooting long exposures at night; something I used to do a lot and very much have missed. All this combined has had me feeling very good about where I am and what i’m doing. I’m also writing other blog posts that I’ll be putting out soon, including a second part to my post about advice to photographers starting out.

I’ve got a couple trips planned to various parts of the state as Fall sets in and the leaves change.

SPFT_6507870980_charlestonrun_DSC2995-Pano220170912-gm-911040520170912-gm-911055620170915-gm-quad0001inside Capital High School in Charleston on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.FTSG_6507870980_festival0002FTSG_6507870980_festival0001_DSC4257_DSC4296at Dolly Sods on Sunday, September 24, 2017._DSC4619_DSC4648_DSC4650_DSC4678_DSC3575_DSC4623_DSC4652FTSG_6507870980_dollysods

Outtakes from the month of September